Work package 1: Project Management

The objectives of work package 1 are to establish and implement effective project management procedures, ensure project progress and quality control, manage project resources and stakeholders, and communicate project results and achievements to relevant parties

Work package 2: Design process for the development of WOMENIN competences

The specific objectives of this work package are, firstly, the creation of a manual that will be divided into different modules analysing the challenges faced by entrepreneur women in each country of the consortium. Secondly, the creation of an online training course for VET trainers will be developed so that all the knowledge set out in the manual is embedded in the training course.

Work package 3: Elaboration of the digital escape room training and instructions for its use

The specific objectives to be achieved in this package are, firstly, to promote digital entrepreneurship among entrepreneur women. Secondly, to facilitate the interconnection and communication of entrepreneur women through digitalisation.

Work package 4: Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of the Project

The objectives of this package are to share and disseminate project results, interact with target groups and stakeholders, promote the project, and facilitate coordination with other projects and networks, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the impact and sustainability of the project.